Summer is coming!

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It’s almost time…

the sprinklers turning on and the ice cream trucks are revving their engines…


School is over and….

Summer is pretty much here…

The last few years I’ve done a Camp Mom during the summer for my kids.  The first year was awesome – we had themes, we did worksheets, we went on theme-related field trips.  Totally fun.  Last year was a little off the rails – my themes didn’t really work, we travelled in the middle of it, Emme had surgery in August… we had an interesting and not horrible summer, but it wasn’t quite what I’d wanted.

This year I’m determined to make it fun, but also not let the summer slip by without keeping the kids school-ready and also accomplishing some goals we’ve set for ourselves (Emme wants to learn to read, Ruby wants to learn cursive, I want to learn to play guitar).  Far and away, my biggest goal of the summer is balance.  Balancing playing games & AG dolls with getting the house tidied and laundry done, balancing their need to get out and play with my need to get out and exercise, balancing veg out time with school time.

And to that end, I’ve got a schedule that it’s easy to adapt and a whole slew of “free time” ideas for when the inevitable “I’M BORED” whines start flowing…


For anyone who’d like the weekly schedule template, here it is!

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 5.53.04 PM

I’m using this, my last week of freedom (hahaha!), to get us ready.  Our first week starts on a Tuesday because I work one last day on Monday until the fall.  I’ve got lesson plans, worksheets (my kids actually like them… weird, right?), art projects, chores (because if you’re going to be home all day making a mess, you’re also going to clean it up!), and field trips all slated out. And I’m getting really excited!

Stay tuned for weekly updates with our schedule, theme, field trips, etc!  And please comment and share!  We’re all in this together, so let’s create a community here!

Our first order of business, as with every first official day of summer vacation, is ice cream sundaes for breakfast!  Feel free to steal that tradition!

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